WDM International Partners with ‘tappintomalta’

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As a firm, WDM International caters to the needs of our mobile, cosmopolitan and wealthy clients for whom an integrated service is key.

With Malta considered a luxury destination for tourists and those looking to relocate permanently, we have long provided a full legal concierge service that combines advice on everything from immigration programmes, company formation/re-domiciliation, tax, the sale & purchase of real estate, and yacht and aircraft registration. In effect, everything that our discerning, international clients require of us to ensure their transition into Malta, and their associated business activities, are effectively managed, with the minimum of fuss and to the maximum commercial advantage.

Beyond this, we look to partner with a select group of companies, which can add further value to our clients’ experience. As such, we are delighted to announce our newest partnership, with the luxury platform ‘tappintomalta’.

‘tappintomalta’ is a platform for homeowners on the island to find accurate information on what products, services and brands are available, and where to find them. As the renowned high-end hospitality and luxury Malta-born founder, Isabel Tapp, puts it: “We know our readers are interested in quality and experience and we want to help them find it”. For those moving to Malta, as well as Malta’s affluent locals, ‘tappintomalta’ provides a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities to be enjoyed on the island, including travel, interior design, yachting, fashion, luxury products and just the finer things in life.

However, ‘tappintomalta’ is so much more than a dedicated luxury platform. Through a series of strategic partnerships, ‘tappintomalta’ opens the doors to a network of companies that provide their members with a comprehensive service from legal advice to PR, event management and VIP concierge services.