WDM International attends the IR Global Conference, London

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WDM International is delighted to announce that, as a key member and the Maltese representative of IR Global for Tax law and Fiduciary Services, Dunstan Magro, Managing Partner of the firm’s Audit and Assurance arms, will be attending the IR Global Annual Conference 2015, in London between the 27th and 30th of September.

In the past 5 years, IR Global has become both the fastest growing professional service firm network in the world and also the largest practice area focussed group – providing legal, accountancy and financial advice to companies and individuals across 150 jurisdictions.

This has been an exciting year for IR Global, with a series of global events that have fostered a spirit of cooperation between our various network partners – cooperation that has generated significant referrals ensuring that our wide-ranging client base can tap into a broad network of talented advisors with intimate knowledge of their local jurisdictions who can help ensure that the needs of your business are our highest priority as we maximise your opportunities in the global marketplace.

WDM International’s association with IR Global is founded on shared values and philosophy – the importance of bringing the best of the advisory community into a sharing economy; a system which is ethical, sustainable and provides significant added value to you, our client.  IR Global is not just a network, but a real, viable alternative for international business.

Based at the iconic Brewery Hotel in London’s Barbican quarter, the 2015 Conference will host leading law and accountancy firms from London, New York, Silicon Valley, and across the European and APAC regions.

With a packed schedule of seminars, consultation sessions and lectures dealing with the changing regulatory environment, detailed technical matters as well as, primarily, how to solve the issues our clients currently face – the conference will ensure best practice in servicing our clients.

There will also be a presentation by keynote speaker Itay Talgam, an orchestra conductor turned ‘conductor of people’ – helping create human harmony through cooperation.

Considering the vibrant location of the conference, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking – essential in ensuring the health of the network and the building of relationships between advisors leading to a seamless service for our clients.