In order to ensure high-quality financial information, at WDM International our auditors’ work is governed by International Standards on Auditing, which are in accordance with those applicable in all of the world’s major financial centers.

At WDM International our auditors bring more to an assignment than a mere ticking of the boxes. Through our global network, our auditors enjoy access to knowledge of industry developments and international trends, giving them intrinsic awareness of the global marketplace, as well as the pertinent local standards. At WDM International we hand hold our clients to improve their performance while listening to their needs. We analyse the business implications of our clients and tailor our approach accordingly.

At WDM International we meet clients before commencing work on any assignment so as to ask the required questions in order to really get under the skin of our client’s business and understand it fully. Our clients can rest assured that adequate resources and training exist for information systems support.

We understand that auditing is not a static process and recognise the need to offer our clients the best possible range of compliance and advisory services. We therefore ensure the continual development and enhancement of our range of audit tools. Our firm’s methodologies, tools and guidance are developed with our clients in mind and promptly reflect external developments. To this end, the WDM International audit approach is based upon an extensively researched common methodology that centres around:

  • obtaining an understanding of the business being audited from an internal and external point of view
  • assessing the risk of material misstatements, and the controls in place to effectively address the prevention of such risks
  • choosing appropriate procedures to obtain evidence of the significant financial statement assertions
  • ensuring rigorous quality control over audit performance in a world of increasing technical requirements. At WDM International we endeavour to keep our clients a step ahead.

At WDM International we make the most of the extensive capabilities of our international network, so as to assist clients with all the reporting requirements connected with any of their filing obligations.

Our firm services clients operating both locally and internationally, including companies involved in a broad cross section of industries amongst which:

  • Financial Services, comprising banks, insurance related entities and investment services companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Shipping and aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • I-Gaming operators
  • Hospitality and Leisure

Our clients also include traditional long standing family owned businesses which have grown steadily over the years. We also service a wide portfolio of small and medium sized companies as well as a number of regulated entities.

Risk Assurance

The risk assurance function at WDM International assists management to make well informed decisions. To this end, the insight and independent assurance that WDM International provides, constitutes an invaluable safeguard in today’s multifaceted operating environment. We work together with our clients in their boardrooms and their back offices, emphasising on the importance of delivering business control to help them to look after and strengthen every aspect of their business from people to performance.

Drawing on our decades of experience in the audit sphere as well as our commercial awareness, we thoroughly evaluate our clients’ governance procedures, information, controls and processes, suggesting optimal solutions to fix them, where necessary.

Internal audit services

As the board faces growing pressure from stakeholders, risk, governance and internal control are indeed top priority on the boardroom agenda. Internal audit plays a pivotal role in the corporate governance framework by providing independent assurance, protecting the business against risk. Internal audit also informs strategic decision making and improves overall performance. Nevertheless, many boards are not getting optimum value from internal audit and are potentially exposing themselves to major risks.

WDM International’s internal audit team assists boards to benefit from an enhanced internal Audit function that provides increased value for money and improved assurance. We ensure that clients acquire access to our extensive experience and knowledge of best practice as leading internal audit services providers while providing access to sector specialists who know your industry and its technical risk areas.

At WDM International we offer the following services, amongst others, in relation to our internal audit function:

  • Benchmarking Internal Audit performance;
  • Consultancy in relation to optimum resourcing models;
  • Providing co-sourcing/outsourcing services;
  • Improving the quality, productivity and value of in-house services;
  • Improving Internal Audit methodologies to optimise audit execution;
  • Consulting on and supporting audit technology selection and implementation;
  • Developing and delivering training plans.