Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni Nominated for Three Awards at Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2016

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The finals of The Best Entrepreneur Awards 2016 are being hosted for the fifth year running on July 29th 2016 at Smart City, Malta.

WDM International’s Firm Partner for legal and international tax services, Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni has been nominated by the Editorial Board for Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2016.

Dr. De Giovanni’s achievement has earned him nominations for the following three awards:

  • Best Consulting, Advisory, Audit, & Tax Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Best Corporate Financier Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Award for Excellence


The red carpet event is set to be around 60% larger than in previous years, attracting a distinguished corporate and C-level executive audience of around 600 guests. With its newly revised format the event utilises a meticulous new nomination and judging process – along with improved eligibility criteria.

Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards were created by Martin Vella, Managing Director of Malta Business Review (“MBR”) Publications Limited – to celebrate successful entrepreneurs and acting as a platform for the nominees to share their stories, inspire others and receive deserved recognition. Entrepreneurs set themselves apart from other individuals by acting on their drive to turn ideas into business realities, which can in turn have a positive impact on the world. This is achieved through positive social change, the introduction of innovative concepts and products, the creation of jobs, the generation of new wealth, and the positive effect on the economy.

Over the years, more than 1,200 entrepreneurs have participated in the awards ceremony. The event has been very successful at identifying key talent in the business world, with over half of today’s top companies having either won, or been associated with, Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The continued success of the event, and the outstanding list of alumni, is a result of MBR Publication Limited’s exceptional 10-year track record in running entrepreneurial and corporate business events both in Malta and in other countries, such as Dubai. The awards ceremony will include 26 award categories.

The thorough nominee qualification and selection process adds to the exclusivity of the event. The finalists are assessed by an independent panel of judges formed by equally exceptional and recognised business leaders. The judges first received written information on the entrepreneurs representing local and overseas companies which have businesses registered in Malta under MFSA regulations. The judges will meet to decide on a question that each nominee will have to answer live on the final night. Nominees will have the chance to score an additional points on the night, based on merit, for their live replies to the judges’ question during the gala dinner. The Overall Winner of Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards will be announced that night, following the induction of all of Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards winners into the MBR’s Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame.

This event is the leading competition in Malta for emerging, creative, and innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established business owners who own and operate businesses. The nomination itself, and of course the awards, give recognition for their achievements, their contribution to society, as well as efforts to take their businesses to the next level. The awards aim to inspire entrepreneurs to adopt entrepreneurial endeavours by bringing global visibility to companies that are innovative, profitable, socially responsible, and adhere to high ethical standards.

WDM International, in addition to being a legal, tax and corporate services provider, actively promotes and supports other entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and visions and offers assistance in turning them into realities.

If you are an individual with entrepreneurial traits and require any assistance in launching, or growing your business, then please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni to see how we can assist.