This morning FinanceMalta, in partnership with Nicholls Moisa and the Malta Law Students’ Society (Ghaqda Studenti Tal-Ligi), organized an educational seminar focused on bridging the gap between law students who are soon-to-be lawyers and the financial services industry. The event was a great opportunity for attendees – mostly law students but also legal professionals – to ask questions to the legal professionals in the financial services industry.

Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni, Legal & International Tax Partner at WDM International, was invited to be on the panel of speakers at the event. The panel, made up of other legal professionals in the industry, engaged in a discussion about the necessary skills required by the industry to satisfy the growth of the financial services sector in Malta. The academic curriculum was analyzed in an attempt to understand if it is enough to prepare students for a career in financial services.

The discussion continued on how employers in the industry can help fill the gap by offering training programs and internship opportunities for students. The legal profession has shifted from its traditional starting point and the growth of industries such as the financial services one are creating more opportunities for law graduates. It is important for employers and education providers to help supply the demand created by the sector by educating and training law students.

This event served as a great platform to promote the thriving industry and to make students aware that the role of the lawyer is expanding, thus creating new and exciting opportunities for graduates and legal professionals alike.